Comprehensive, Scalable and Compliant

At the heart of HRpayroll is a vision to actively connect, engage and provide resources to employees of your company. To do this, HRpayroll has honed our software to provide meaningful, real-time information company-wide. HRpayroll’s HRMS hub links hiring, training, scheduling, pay, cost control, learning, provisional development and compliance for resource accountability.

Industry Diversification


A component of a business regardless of the industry is that it operates at an optimal level. HRpayroll HR workforce system complements the company’s day to day business constantly providing information for both managers to manage and employees to access their information regardless of the differences in the various industries workforce. eeCentral can align our workforce information through-out your company. HRpayroll has helped hundreds of organizations make time for what matters most: their people.


HRpayroll TIME Entry Versatility


Universal real time capture Single, multiple locations and countries. Time versatility allows data entry by unlimited resources.

Digital time clocks, biometric time clocks, timesheets, web interface, mobile, telephone you name it. The realtime labor information provided by the system is easy to install and completely configurable. HRpayroll eliminates workarounds by user-configurable rules for defining payroll calculations and employee attendance. Realtime attendance provides best practices scheduling and flagging of missed time.

HRpayroll HR Management

HRpayroll simple and robust solution for the complex needs of HR departments is a welcome complement to any robust financial system. It’s comprehensive functionality provides management with a view and information of the entire workforce lifecycle. This insight provides the tools to increase employee engagement, monitor and increase performance and productivity.

HRpayroll Compliance

Efficient workflow process, with complete employee details.

Intuitive and easy getting it right is essential. HRpayroll reduces complexity by eliminating siloed spreadsheets, manual preparation, and multiple systems. HRpayroll’s integrated system provides for one flexible source of data entry and built-in alerts saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

HRpayroll Across Platforms

A Workforce Center for Employee Engagement and Management Information.

HRpayroll provides realtime workforce information to proactively monitor KPI’s. Today, HRpayroll’s Workforce System provides real-time information that provides for user setup alerts for proactive KPI’s monitoring. This provides management with information increasing job profitability. A complete human resource system that provide you with detailed information on your employees, robust reports, analytics, and compliance reporting so you can have a transformed HR strategy center.

Why HRpayroll?

When it all boils down, HRpayroll will work with you to provide a Human Management System that is right for your business reporting needs. Your system provider will work together with you to provide a comprehensive workforce system that answers all your needs now and will grow with you to be the answer to your business needs long into the future.

HRpayroll is a 20+year-old company that built their system from the ground up innovating all the way. Our engaged employees put the customer first. Jim as founder and entrepreneur has been able to maintain innovation within the HRpayroll Human Resource Management System developing a solution that provides the customer with a straightforward totally integrated flexible system. During the company’s 20 plus years of working with companies of all sizes and many industries, HRpayroll has defined a software design that is both industry flexible and data capturing for payroll accuracy, compliance complete and management data visibility.

You expect your eeCentral Human Resource Management System provider have the depth and industry knowledge to provide value for your company. Our seasoned long term employees in support and software development have years working with HRpayroll customers. That company’s longevity provides unmatched continuity and service to HRpayroll’s customers.

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