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Every conversion is a headache but with HRpayroll it is short term migraine.  A recent conversion of a company with over 1500 employs multiple pay types was able to eliminate the manual and work around processes in their legacy system and streamline processes for HRpayroll users to efficiently convert and giving you a full access to data in one place real time.

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Scheduling and Pay

HRpayroll’s design allows for user defined pay rules to accommodate this needed flexibility.

This flexibility provides for an engaged workforce. It also provides efficient and cost savings operations scheduling when your HR system can readily handle multiple pay types, in multiple locations and countries. Recent clients in multiple markets with complicated flex, part-time and seasonal have been able to cut their HR process costs significantly. .

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Management Information

HRpayroll’s customers have been able to move their Payroll Cost Center to a Workforce Strategy Center. Today, HRpayroll’s Workforce System provides real-time information that provides for  user setup alerts for proactive KPI monitoring. This provides management with information increasing job profitability. In the last year, HRpayroll has consulted with several of their rapidly growing customers to develop meaningful dashboards for monitoring their labor workforce.

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