Become an HRpayroll Referral, Sales or Service Partner today!

Embrace the Benefits of a Selling Partnership.

HRpayroll works hard to provide mutually beneficial programs for our sales partners. Together we can deliver a wide set of HRMS solutions that are innovative and competitive. Contact us to discuss a mutual collaborative benefit. Below describes three options.


HRpayroll Referral Partner

A registered HRpayroll individual, group or company referring leads to HRpayroll. A referral Partner will register a qualified lead and provide all relevant prospect information to HRpayroll. HRpayroll will work the lead with no further participation from the HRpayroll Referral Partner.

HRpayroll Sales Partner

An HRPayroll Sales Partner is responsible for certain aspects of the sales process, including but not limited to, lead generation,  lead qualification for certain size organizations, being with when presales activities are being carried on via the Internet, some marketing functions with our assistance, client needs and wants analysis we assist,

We will provide all software demonstrations and presentations, we will assist you in making your proposal, and we will help sales activities including agreement signing.

HRPayroll staff will be available upon request to participate in whatever you need for product knowledge and technical support.


HRpayroll Service Partner

we are always looking for human resource and payroll consulting organizations that wish to expand their product offerings to include our system.  Given the right situation you can become a payroll service partner were and we will provide you help in the sales process but you will do the first line of implementation services and provide a slight level of support and then we will handle all the other items involved in servicing the client.  Your staff will be trained to implement those products you wish to have the implementation done by your team there is a certification process and we will assist you in your first few implementations.

If you would like more information about becoming an HRpayroll Business Partner, please complete the form below